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Welcome, have a look at my work. If you have any questions please contact me.

My life has always been about the ability to be free. Freedom and following my intuition were the throughlines of my life. Naturally, becoming an inde- pendent fashion photographer opened that door for me and made it possible to see the world.

My mom always told me to never give up on my dreams so when I didn’t finish my photography degree, I decided this was not the end and continued teaching myself along the way. After a year of taking pictures of my friends, my career took off and I was asked to shoot for one of the biggest modelling agencies in Belgium. The year after I took the train to Paris, with my port- folio in hand, ready to concur the world of fashion. I quickly realized that jumping on trains, planes or boats became second nature to me. I worked for numerous fashion magazines including Australian Blue, Dutch Man and Men’s Health London and in 1998 I was even nominated for several awards.

My photographs* were graphical, and my black & white photos were powerful. I always found it important to capture what was behind the eyes of the person in front of me so that I could capture their real beauty and soul. Photography consumed my life; it gave me an eye for detail which I still use today. I thought that being a fashion photographer was my identity and that I would be one until the day I die.

Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic happened which made it impossible to continue my work. I am grate- ful that lockdown happened because it allowed me to look within. I started questioning myself and how I would be able to express my creativity without nee- ding someone else. These questions led me to meditation, silence and connecting with my inner child. In the world we live in today, it is easy to forget how playful and creative we are as children. Now, I was closer to myself than ever before and it was time to let my inner child blossom again.

* See on Instagram: marcrubenska

Being locked up for months threatened my autonomy so I needed to find a way to express my freedom again. Subsequently, I started to draw with color markers. A year later, I started to play with acrylic paint, and I learned that I love using bold colors and that I like the smell of a linen canvas and throwing paint on it.

I am still learning to deal with disappointment when something doesn’t look the way I imagined it. However, the beauty of painting is that you can wake up the next day, take another look, add some more color and little by little find a balance to create something that pleases the eye. Giving people a happy feeling inside when they look at my work is the only success I need as a creative artist.

I thank my mom every day because if it wasn’t for her advice, I would have never followed my dream of becoming a fashion photographer and subsequently I would not be where I am today creating these pieces of art that fill me with joy. I have found a new path of freedom and that is what life is about, isn't it?


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Instagram: @ art_rubenska 

Facebook: @ art_rubenska

Artist : Marc Rubenska +32 495 431034

Manager : Christophe Meyer +32 475 448039

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